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«Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya» – pedagogy scientific journal.

E-ISSN 2413-7294
Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.

Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Dmitriy V. Budyanskiy[Ukraine]Theoretical Foundations of the Rhetorical Culture of Teachers of the University as a Scientific Problem2015, March1606
2Sergei I. Degtyarev[Ukraine]Teaching officials of Volynsky (Kremenetsky) Lyceum: V.G. Besser, A.I. Maevsky, F.I. Mekhovich2014, September1536
3Sergey I. Degtyarev[Ukraine]Teachers of Exact and Natural Sciences of Volyn Lyceum: Materials for the Biography2015, March1533
4Olena V. Semenikhina[Ukraine]Programming as a Method of Forming Mathematical Knowledge in Conditions of Informatization Education2014, December1520
5Vitaliy N. Korol[Ukraine]Labor Reserves Staff of Educational Institutions of Ukraine during the Restoration Period (1943–1950)2014, September1471
6Irena V. Robert[Russia]Prospects of Fundamental Scientific Research in Information Technologies Areas of Russian Educational System2014, September1445
7full nomer2014, September1393
8Timur A. Magsumov[Russia]Periodicals as a Source on the History of Secondary Vocational Schools of Late Imperial Russia2014, September1383
9Olena V. Semenikhina[Ukraine]To the Issue of Critical Choise While Using the DMS in Mathematics Education2015, March1339
10Alexander N. Sorokin[Russia]International Scientific and Educational Activities of the of Siberian Physical-technical Institute named after V.D. Kuznetsov in 1970–19852014, September1338

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