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Number 1. (in 1 part) September 28, 2014

Column by chief editor

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The History of National Education

2. Sergei I. Degtyarev
Teaching officials of Volynsky (Kremenetsky) Lyceum: V.G. Besser, A.I. Maevsky, F.I. Mekhovich

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 5-11.

This article is the first of all author’s series, dedicated to teaching officials of Volynsky Lyceum in the town of Kremenets. The service records dated 1832 found in the State Archive of Kharkovskaya Oblast, have been taken as a basis of the research work where the author studies the life journey of V.G. Besser, A.I. Maevsky, F.I. Mekhovich. What makes these biographies unique is that they feature CVs of aforesaid people before the year 1832. This year marked the dissolvent of Volynsky Liceum.

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3. Timur A. Magsumov
Periodicals as a Source on the History of Secondary Vocational Schools of Late Imperial Russia

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 12-20.

The article features the periodical press issues as a source base of research of the history of professional education in the second part of XIX–beginning of XX centuries. It also features the development of pedagogical journalism of this period and reveals the methodology of work with periodicals. The study provides a general review of the most important printed media outlets, which have a lot of pages dedicated to the issues of vocational schools. The article reveals specific techniques of Governorate Press as an important source in the study of historic-cultural processes on the regional level. Through the prism of periodicals, the problem zones in the development of educational system in the Russian provinces can be traced.

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4. Vitaliy N. Korol
Labor Reserves Staff of Educational Institutions of Ukraine during the Restoration Period (1943–1950)

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 21-29.

The article deals with the study of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of labor reserves institutions staff in Ukraine during the post-war restoration. The research is based on materials from Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine and some Ukrainian regional archives. Features of key administrative and teaching positions were characterized in the paper. The ways of formation and recruitment of personnel of factory training schools and vocational schools were distinguished. The changes in the number of employees were studied. The author analysed the education level of different personnel categories. Major staffing problems of Labour Reserves were identified.

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5. Alexander N. Sorokin
International Scientific and Educational Activities of the of Siberian Physical-technical Institute named after V.D. Kuznetsov in 1970–1985

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 30-35.

The article is dedicated to the historic reconstruction of Siberian Physical-Technical Institute’s international contacts and ties development in 1970s. The main forms of cooperation between the Siberian Physical-Technical Institute with foreign research institutes, mechanisms of academic arrangements abroad are analyzed. The meaning of Siberian Physical-Technical Institute’s international scientific contacts for developing physics research is emphasized. The Institute employees’ participation in international scientific activities, acutance with contemporary, advanced and relevant scientific issues are examined in the leading scientific centers and world universities, the research methodology and results contributed to the scientists’ outlook broadening and enhancing their scientific qualification. The international scientific contacts and ties prompted scientific research development in the advanced fields of science and technology. The article is written for those interested in the Russian history, the history of science and higher education.

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Pedagogical Research

6. Irena V. Robert
Prospects of Fundamental Scientific Research in Information Technologies Areas of Russian Educational System

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 36-45.

The articles features description of substantive aspects of perspective fundamental research in Information Technologies areas in the context of intellectual development of a human being. The article also highlights informational safety of people, who live in social network and web-communication environment. The article reveals philosophic-methodological, socio-pedagogical and physiological grounds for creation and development of informational and educational space and training programs for managerial and teaching staff. Here we identify the need for creation of physiological, methodological and medical support to a user while applying the cognitive-informational method of cooperation with interactive educational tools. A key focus is made on issues related to design and functionality of high-technology health-saving informational space and informational safety of a human being. Methodological grounds of formalization and knowledge representation in integrated intellectual educational systems, theoretical grounds of intellectualization of informational technologies, certification procedures, informational complexes for educative purposes reflecting convergence of science and technologies are presented.

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7. Kirill A. Chelyshev, Irina V. Chelysheva
Synthesis of Media Criticism and Media Education in Education of Pupils and Students in Poland

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 46-53.

This article is devoted to the practical implementation of the synthesis of media criticism and media education in the education of pupils and students in Poland. The authors analyze the media criticism and media education in Poland; identify main trends in their development.

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8. Elena N. Kuklina
Approaches to Theoretical Analysis of ‘Innovative Competence’

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 54-64.

The article features considerations of a notion ‘innovative competence’ in educational institutions through the analysis of ‘competence’ and ‘innovation’, where the time category is prioritized. It is the time that enables new innovations. What does influence the emergence of something new? When does the new turn into something not new (nominal)? When does the nominal become old or traditional? These issues require further considerations from methodological and qualimetric educational perspectives. The presented materials make us search for solutions to raised questions, as the answers will let to look at innovative competence from a design perspective. Besides, the author uncovers hierarchy of notions: “Research competence” and “Professionalization”. The correlation of innovative competences (professional competences of school and college graduates) can be referred to the intermediate results of this consideration. Such competences include stages of professionalization (in accordance with E.F. Zeer’s theories), and the importance of innovative competences in the process of professionalization, where the highest point is professional skills of a pedagogue.

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