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Number 1. (in 1 part) December 24, 2014

The History of National Education

1. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Teachers in the Humanities of Volyn Lyceum: Materials for the Biography

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 68-74.

This article continues the series of works, devoted to lecturers of Volyn Lyceum, which was in Kremenets. Study is based on formulary lists (employment records), which were compiled in 1832 and found in the State Archives of Kharkiv region. In the present research the author examines the biography and career of I.T.Alexandrovsky, M.Yu.Jakubovich, A.F.Lydl, O.V.Korzeniovsky, K.I.Mikulsky, I.I.Mikulsky, P.O.Jarkovsky, P.M.Pukhalsky. These teachers taught at the Lyceum humanities, particularly Polish, Russian, English, German, Latin, French, literature, grammar, and others.

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Pedagogical Research

2. Nelya V. Degtyareva
Features of the Use of Complex Tasks For Practical Work in the Process of Studying Computer Science in High School (Description of the Results of the Dissertation Experimental Part)

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 75-82.

The article analyzes the results of pedagogical experiment on application in the learning process the methodical system of formation of ICT competencies among high school students using the complex tasks. The data presented illustrate the qualitative changes in the levels of student learning as a result of implementing the specified methodical system. Using statistical χ2 test confirmed the validity of the data obtained in the course of pedagogical research. Pedagogical experiment was carried out on basis of a number of secondary schools of Ukraine (Sumy, Kirovograd, Chernihiv region).

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3. Dmitriy V. Kudinov
The Question of History Teaching Propaedeutics in the Works of V. Ulanov

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 83-92.

Pedagogical views of Vasili Ulanov, a Russian writer, historian, famous teacher and methodologist of the beginning of the 20th century, are considered in this article. Rational proposals made by the scientist regarding optimization of teaching propaedeutics of elementary course of History in primary school (both in teaching and learning activities and in the development of study materials) are in the focus of attention. It is emphasized that some of Ulanov’s methodological techniques are similar to those of contemporary Pedagogic Innovation Studies and could be applied in modern schools.

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4. Olena V. Semenikhina
Programming as a Method of Forming Mathematical Knowledge in Conditions of Informatization Education

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 93-98.

The article presents the arguments in favor of the active use of programming as a modern method of formation of mathematical knowledge. Today it is possible to implement the previously invented algorithms in a variety of virtual environments, whether it is a programming environment or specialized system of computer mathematics. That is what opens the way for each student to find and implement solutions is not one particular, but a whole class of problems, empirical confirmation of the already known truths and to promote and test new hypotheses. This allows you to shift the emphasis in mathematics education with the establishment of computer skills and some limited training with a pencil and paper (chalk and blackboard) toward the use of various computer computing systems, not only as a tool environment to simplify the quantitative and qualitative studies of various processes and tools for release time from routine calculations on the research part of the problem, but at the same time, and as an instrument of knowledge, a monitoring tool and a tool to develop their own mathematical knowledge. Examples are given of the use of programming ideas in solving problems of some mathematical courses. Attention is accented on a using these ideas in the preparation of mathematics teachers as the main link in the mathematical education system.

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5. Olena V. Semenikhina, Vladimir G. Shamonya, Olga N. Udovychenko, Artem A. Yurchenko
Electronic Textbook in the Context of Educational Trends and Modern Internet Technologies

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 99-107.

Among the contradictions of technological, organizational and methodical areas in modern high school and some of the innovations that are designed to resolve these contradictions the article justifies a conclusion in favor of the using electronic textbooks. The results of the online resources analysis for identifying modern electronic textbook and features of the creation and using such electronic resources are showed. The trends are marked. Authors briefly present their own experience in creating an electronic textbook, which is being tested in Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko. Authors made a conclusion that among the main tasks of modern teacher training we have to think not only about the acquisition of factual knowledge on the subject and the ability to improve his own knowledge, but also about understanding of the physical principles of operation for the devices supporting using electronic textbooks and methods of their using in the educational process. In addition, article is pointed on need to provide the acquisition of elementary programming hypertext skills and using various multimedia tools in future teachers preparation what will contribute among other the formation their ICT competence.

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6. Sergii I. Tereshchuk
The Problem of Visual Methods Use in the Study of Quantum Theory in Physics Course of Senior School

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2014, Vol.(2), № 2, pp. 108-116.

The article is devoted to the methodological features of the principle of visual methods use in the study of Quantum Theory in Physics course of senior school. The methodology and logic of the principle of visual methods use in teaching of Quantum Theory and Theory of Relativity are analyzed. It is shown that introducing of the mentioned principle in the study of Quantum Physics is limited due to the new methodology of Modern Physics. The necessity of the development of methodical system of forming the subject competence in Quantum Physics of senior pupils was grounded.

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