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2 June 30, 2016

Articles and statements

1. Dmitriy V. Budyanskiy
A Rhetorical Approach to the Presentation of Scientific Report

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 54-61.
DOI: 10.13187/zhmnp.2016.8.54CrossRef

This article examines the actual problem of using rhetorical means to improve the quality of the scientific report. The author argues that in the modern scientific space a new approach to the presentation of the results of scientific research is needed. He proves the thesis that the purpose of a scientific report is not only to inform the public of the results obtained by the author, but also to attract attention, prompting to a deeper acquaintance with the research. This increases his academic status and the citation index of his works. In this regard, not only the content of the report becomes important, but also the structure and style of the text, the manner of the speaker, using the methods of enhancing and maintaining attention, possession of verbal and non-verbal means of communication. Thus, the research report can be argued to be one of the genres of academic eloquence. The main ideas of the article are supported by examples from the biographies of prominent scientists and speakers of the past and the present. The author considers the art of presentation of a scientific report as an important part of the rhetorical culture of the modern teacher.

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2. Sergey I. Degtyarev
Materials of the State Archive of Kharkiv Region as a Source for Studying the History of Education in the Caucasus

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 62-70.
DOI: 10.13187/zhmnp.2016.8.62CrossRef

The article analyzes the materials of the State Archives of Kharkiv region, which contain information about various aspects of education development in the Caucasian lands in the first third of the nineteenth century. These materials are in the fund оf Kharkov University and are 23 storage units. They all have a high level of physical рreservation and information content.

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3. Alexander Fedorov
Character Analysis in the Media Literacy Education of Students

Zhurnal ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniya, 2016, Vol.(8), Is. 2, pp. 71-77.
DOI: 10.13187/zhmnp.2016.8.71CrossRef

Development of critical thinking of the audience in the process of media education is inextricably linked with the analysis of media texts of different types of genres. Character Analysis is the analysis of the nature, motives, ideological orientations, behavior / action of media texts’ characters with use a variety of tasks that activate critical and creative thinking of students. As a result, students wrote stories on behalf of the heroes of the popular films of mass success. When the students were of this kind of writing, they sometimes unconsciously penetrated into the author's world of media text and psychology of the character. Practical mastering of media insight typology contribute and creative tasks offering the audience the possibilities to simulate various types of persons in the letters on behalf of the members of the audience of different age, level of education, artistic perception and taste, etc. An indicator of mastering the material can serve as the ability to identify with an imaginary "recipient" having one or another level of media reception.

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